Scenic & Majestic Places

Explore nature's amazing creations, and mankind's fleeting integration with the masterpiece called earth. A work in progress over billions of years.

Exotic & Mysterious Places

Explore exotic and mysterious locations and cultures around the world. Ancient wonders, amazing architecture and colorful landscapes.

Cities, Towns & Villages

They don't have to be trendy, or particularly cool, to be exciting and amazing! Join us on a stroll through some of our favorite cities!

Great American Road Trips


The Travelogues of Dr. Von Zuko: Explore exotic and mysterious places around the world. Gain insights into the culture, art, and history of other lands. Enjoy awesome and majestic scenery and even learn a bit about the natural world around us. Visit some of the most exciting and amazing cities on the planet. Walking tours, road trips, and global travel ideas to help you map out your own travelogues!

Dare to explore the world you live in, and you are sure to enrich your life. Travel brings knowledge, it broadens your horizons of understanding and frees you from ignorance and bias. Travel brings a greater appreciation for the freedom we in the free world enjoy, and casts a bright light into the darkness of oppression and ignorance that still exists in many corners of the world. Dr. Von Zuko 2017

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