Top 10 Best Movies Ever Made:  Dr. Von Zuko ReviewsThe Top 10 Best Movies Ever Made:

Before we begin, it's important to note that Dr. Von Zuko is almost always at odds with the 'main stream' movie critics. Recognizing that there are frequently many hidden agendas in play with mainstream media, it's easy to understand how sometimes incredibly bad, incredibly boring films get their rave reviews while other extremely well made, engaging, and wholly entertaining films get panned!

The doctor doesn't need to worry about editors, big money sponsors, or Hollywood politics. To make the doctor's Top 10 lists the film must stand on it's own merit. It must be exceptionally well made, engaging, thought provoking, imaginative, technically or historically accurate, artistic, fanciful, humorous, heart touching, and all of those other nice sounding adjectives . . . but first and foremost, it's a movie . . . it needs to be entertaining!
(Why is it that the critics always seem to miss that one key attribute?)

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