Carcharodon Megalodon:
The Largest Shark That Ever Lived


Carcharodon Megalodon reigned supreme as the largest and deadliest predator in the ancient Miocene ocean.

The powerful, monstrous jaws of the Megalodon were filled with multiple rows of thick rooted and incredibly strong, razor sharp teeth, that allowed it to feed on the largest whales and even other prehistoric sharks.

An early ancestor of the "Great White Shark" the Carcharodon Megalodon was a true monster compared to any modern shark. The Megalodon grew to terrifyingly huge proportions. An full sized adult could easily be 60 feet in length (sometimes more) with a span of 30 feet across its pectoral fins and a dorsal fin nearly six feet tall.

To visualize the incredible size of this monster, imagine a semi-truck with a mouth full of rows of razor sharp 6 to seven inch teeth.

The Carcharodon Megalodon was the true terror of the ancient seas.

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