Military Action

Apocalypse Now Redux
One of my long time favorites, this expanded version of Coppola's classic Vietnam war odyssey rounds out the story a bit better as it follows a Military Intelligence captain deep into the Cambodian jungle on an N.S.A. mission to "terminate the command" of an rogue Special Forces colonel.

*45 minutes of previously unknown scenes, dramatically re-edited soundtrack, and a re-mastered print make this a must see.

Full Metal Jacket
One the best Vietnam war flicks of all time, that accurately chronicles the existential confusion and angst of young Marine recruits from the rigors of boot camp (at the hands of an exceptionally hard-core drill instructor) right into the stark realities and contradictions of war.

Black Hawk Down
Harrowing war drama recreates the true-life events of October 3, 1993, when a group of U.S. Army Rangers set off on a mission to capture a Somali warlord ... and spent the next 17 hours in one of the fiercest firefights in military history.

Enemy At The Gates
Dark, ominous and brutal, war epic about Russian sniper playing cat-and-mouse with a feared Nazi marksman during the devastating 1942 siege of Stalingrad . . . gritty and with so much intensity . . . you just can't look away.

Pearl Harbor
One of the best movies of the decade, recounting the 1941 Japanese surprise attack on Peal Harbor . . . with a successful mix of action, adventure, drama, romance, history and heartache. (Critics didn't think much of it though, go figure.)

Action Adventure

Blood Diamond
Hard hitting action thriller that grinds a harsh reality of third world social/political corruptness in your face . . . Leonardo DiCaprio delivers a masterful performance. (Not for the faint of hart.)

The Italian Job
Impeccable timing and superbly choreographed heist and chase sequences supported with a strong star studded cast; will certainly hold your attention and provide you with high entertainment value.

National Treasure
An excellent, fast-paced adventure with an invisible map on the back of the Declaration of Independence as one of the clues to the location of the biggest treasure ever; Nicolas Cage and other history nerds keep one step ahead of the bad guys on a whirlwind chase through historic sites in Boston, Philadelphia and New York City.

Chick Flick / Romance

Enchanted April
Four British women who are unhappy find a way to transform their dreary lives in rainy WWI England by spending one magical month in sunny Italy (yeah, it's a chick flick).

Remains of Day
Anthony Hopkins gives a solid performance as a head butler at a large country estate who chooses career and duty over love for housekeeper (Emma Thompson) in WWI England.

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