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The Ohio Arrowhead   

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The Charles Weaver Collection:
These wonderful examples of ancient man's tools of survival were collected from the plowed fields, creek beds, and fence rows of Central Ohio by Mr. Charles Weaver, an avid outdoorsman.  This is a great collection for the study of archaeology because every point is just as it came out of the ground where it lay for hundreds or even thousands of years. 

Charles picked them up on his many hunting trips throughout the 1950's and into the 1970's.  He just dropped them into an old cigar box in his garage, they have never even been cleaned and have not been altered in anyway.  Thanks to his heirs we are able to study them now! 

The Charles Weaver Collection Photos 2009

Type: Dalton Greenbrier variant
Era: Early Archaic 10,000 - 9,200 B.P.
Ohio Arrowhead

A very nice point considering its age!  The beveled re-sharpening suggest that this blade was a knife.
Due to its excellent condition it was very probably a favorite tool of the ancient hunter who owned it.

Type: Beacon Island
Era: Late Archaic 4,000 - 3,000 B.P.
Ohio Arrowhead

A well made and very thin blade of Flint Ridge material. Was very likely a knife blade intended primarily for use during the hunt. 


Type: Table Rock
Era: Late Archaic 4,000 - 3,000 B.P.  Ohio Arrowhead

This blade was likely a spear point for large game like bear or elk.  Its heft would cut a large wound channel to bleed out the animal quickly.  The channels in its base were intended to keep the point firmly on the shaft for thrusting.  One edge is sheared off.

Type: Heavy Duty
Era: Early to Middle Archaic
7,000 - 5,000 B.P.
Ohio Arrowhead

The thinness of this blade suggest that it was a well used spear or atlatl point.  There are signs of several hard impacts around its tip that the ancient hunter sharpened out several times.


Type: Hopewell Knife
Era: Woodland 2,500 - 1,500 B.P.
Ohio Arrowhead

This point show all the signs of having been a knife.  With many re-sharpenings in ancient times, it likely was twice this size when it was first made by the Hopewell culture.  

Ohio Thebes arrowhead

Type: Thebes
Era: Early Archaic 10,000 - 8,000 B.P. 
Ohio Arrowhead

A very nice example of a small Thebes that has had numerous expert re-sharpening.  The impact fracture at the tip suggests this was a hunting weapon.  Possibly a large arrow but more likely an atlatl dart point (small spear).

Big Sandy Broad Base arrowhead

Type: Big Sandy Broad Base
Era: Early Archaic 10,000 - 7,000 B.P. 
Ohio Arrowhead

This point was likely larger when it was first made.  It shows signs of multiple (but careful) re-sharpening.  It was obviously a favorite tool of the ancient American who owned it.

Even symmetry suggests this Big Sandy Broad Base is either an arrow or atlatl.

Adena blade

Type: Adena Blade
Era: Late Archaic to Woodland
3,000 - 1,200 B.P. 
Ohio Arrowhead

The asymmetrical shape and re-sharpening pattern suggests that this was an Adena knife blade.

Arrowhead with Ashtabula charateristics

Type: Ashtabula variant
Era: Late Archaic 4,000 - 1,500 B.P. 
Ohio Arrowhead

This arrowheads size and symmetry suggests that it was used as an atlatl dart point (small spear).  It could potentially have been a larger arrow, but this nice Ashtabula is a little to thick in my estimation.

Intrusive Mound arrowhead.

Type: Intrusive Mound
Era: Late Woodland 1,500 - 1,000 B.P. 
Ohio Arrowhead

The asymmetrical shape suggest that this arrowhead was used as a small knife.  Mounted in a bone handle it could have been used for delicate work like slicing hides for clothing.

Ohio arrowhead possibly Adena

Type: Unidentified Knife
Era: Estimate Late Archaic 4,000 - 3,000 B.P. 
Ohio Arrowhead

Shape, wear and sharpening patterns suggest that this blade was used as a knife. The two semi-circular indentations suggest it may have been used in woodworking.  Perhaps used to thin and shape arrow shafts.

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The Ohio Arrowhead Collection
of the Late Charles Weaver

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