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Ancient Unsolved Mysteries For Your Consideration Great Book Recommendations

An astoundingly accurate ancient map reveals global features unknown until 20th century.
The Piri Reis Map

An ancient 2,100 year old planetary computer found in an ancient Roman ship wreck.
The Antikythera Mechanism

The most mysterious and cryptic manuscript in the world.
The Voynich Manuscript

Ancient stone disks that resemble modern computer disks discovered in remote Chinese cave.
The Dropa Stones

Unexplainable artifacts and oddities found in unexpected context.

 The Enigmatic Crystal Skull of Doom
The Crystal Skull of Doom
Alleged to have been discovered in 1926, under the collapsed alter of an ancient Mayan temple in British Honduras (now Belize).

According to local legend, the quartz crystal skull was used by the Mayan high priests to will death on others. The Skull of Doom is said to bring ill fate to those who have possessed it or to those who have even handled it.

Another mystifying aspect of the crystal skull is how it was even possible to carve it in ancient times.  Quartz is an exceptionally hard mineral and quite difficult to carve even with today's tools and advanced technology.  

Under microscopic analysis at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, no evidence of mechanical grinding or the use of metal tools of any type can be detected.  Neither is there any sign of abrasion or even polishing marks.

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Ancient Mysteries: Examine some of the great mysteries of the ancient world, draw on the latest research to reveal the secrets behind the Nazca lines, the destruction of Sodom, the anomalous skulls of Mexico, or the Ica Stones. Explore lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, and the unexplained artifacts left behind. The mysterious origins of man go back well over 100 million years. In the bedrock limestone of the Boluxi river in Texas, countless fossilized dinosaur footprints have been found and amazingly, inexplicably the tracks of another creature are also found there. The tracks of man can be found fossilized in the rock. The tracks of human and that of the dinosaurs lead into a limestone ledge. Digging into the ledge they found human and dinosaur prints 18-inches from one another. The limestone itself dates to the Cretaceous period 135-million years ago. A fossilized human skeleton (X-rays clearly show bone, joints and ligaments) was found in the same strata. In South Africa, hundreds of metallic spheres have been found by miners digging in Precambrian strata over 2.5-billion years old. Fine grooves circle some of the spheres. They could not have been formed by any known geological process. The spheres are a complete mystery. Another inexplicable discovery is a map made in 1513 by Arabian Admiral named Piri Reis. The map clearly shows features of the earth that nobody should have known about in the late 1500's. Piri Reis map shows the coastline of Africa and South America accurate to within a .5 degree of longitude. Piri Reis map is a pre-modern world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman-Turkish admiral and cartographer Piri Reis.On the map he wrote that he had borrowed and copied from 20 earlier ancient maps. Some of the maps dating back to Alexander the Great and older. The mystery is where did the source maps come from? Who charted the globe long ages ago, with accuracy that we ourselves can hardly match. Another mystery of this map is that it shows Antarctica as it looks under 2 miles of covering ice. All of this long before Antarctica was even discovered. We did not have that information until the seismic surveys during the 1958 International Geophysical Year. Whoever drew the original source maps had a level of technology as high as our own. The Antarctic ice cap has existed for millions of years. Most mysterious of all is a find in central Texas. An ancient iron hammer was found embedded in the same strata as dinosaur footprints. part of the wooden handle is still attached part was still embedded in stone. The chemical composition of the iron confounded scientists. The chemical composition was 96.6% iron, 0.74% sulfur, and 2.6% metallic chlorine. The paper I read indicated that this was a very exotic blend. Part of the wooden handle had coalified, indicating great age, and conditions of high temperature and pressure. The hammer was placed there at the time the rock hardened.

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