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Enter with extreme caution! You are about to explore some of the more infamous haunted cemeteries in North America.  Unexplained and unnerving occurrences await you .    Do you question the existence of ghosts? 



Haunted Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

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Woodland Cemetery Photo Gallery: Dayton Ohio:
You may want to examine these photos closely . . . )

Woodland Cemetery, photo by: Dr. Von Zuko 2000

Throughout Woodland Cemetery there are numerous (and somewhat unnerving) life-size sculptures of angels, cherubs, and nymphs who   watch over those interred in this historic cemetery.

Many "Angel of Death" stories warn of looking directly into the eyes of the angels of stone.  It is said that in doing so, death will result within a few days; either for the hapless viewer or for a family member or close friend. 

Similar bone chilling myths and legends surround many of the other life size sculptures.

One of the many life-size sculptures that watch over those interred in Woodland Cemetery.



Examples of the numerous humble to ornate stone monuments and obelisks in Woodland Cemetery.  Many incorporate life-size sculptures of the deceased. Can you see the man standing next to his monument at the top of the hill?

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Obelisks grave stones from an earlier time are found in many areas of Woodland Cemetery.
















"Dare to explore the boundaries beyond conventional wisdom, examine the evidence in addition to the beliefs." 
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